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A celebration in the life of Esme Barrera // I know so many people got to share many stories and music with Esme. If you can, post your photos, your memories, and mix tapes she sent you here. For the mixtapes, you can post a link to the actual mixes or just post the playlist. I personally want to play as many Esme mixes as I can, so please share. She filled my heart with her love. - Dave Stripling

If you would like to help Esme's family through this rough time and for her services you can donate here:

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  • My favorite mix tape ever. I tried to recreate an mp3 version but am missing a few tracks (#12 from side 1 and #’s 4 and 8 from Side 2). I’m not as creative so I just named it esme . I’m sad our Purple Rain Cupcake Party is on indefinite hold, but it’s still going to happen. I love you girl! xoxo, Kari