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A celebration in the life of Esme Barrera // I know so many people got to share many stories and music with Esme. If you can, post your photos, your memories, and mix tapes she sent you here. For the mixtapes, you can post a link to the actual mixes or just post the playlist. I personally want to play as many Esme mixes as I can, so please share. She filled my heart with her love. - Dave Stripling

If you would like to help Esme's family through this rough time and for her services you can donate here:

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  • I downloaded this podcast from in ‘08. I think it was Mitchell’s radio show and Esme was cohosting. Anyhow, the tunes are all awesome, but more importantly, it’s Esme at her best, playing music and being happy.

  • moon mix. from esme’s livejournal, circa 2004.

    moon mix. from esme’s livejournal, circa 2004.

  • Esme gives Jason the eye, 2006 <3

    Esme gives Jason the eye, 2006 <3

  • Esme snaps at a Fancy Feast house party in 2005

    Esme snaps at a Fancy Feast house party in 2005

  • My favorite mix tape ever. I tried to recreate an mp3 version but am missing a few tracks (#12 from side 1 and #’s 4 and 8 from Side 2). I’m not as creative so I just named it esme . I’m sad our Purple Rain Cupcake Party is on indefinite hold, but it’s still going to happen. I love you girl! xoxo, Kari

  • Jen Quinonez has started this spotify playlist where anyone can add the songs that remind them of Esme. It is, of course, already teeming with the best jams imaginable. Esme radio! <3

  • Pretty sure this is from 2008. I have heard a lot of “summer” themed mixes in my life and this one has been my favorite since the moment I received it. Esme embodied summertime better than anyone. <3, Summer Anne.

    1. Justin Timberlake, Summer Love

    2. The Undertones, Here Comes The Summer

    3. Silver Jews, Send In The Clouds

    4. Grandaddy, El Caminos In The West

    5. The Flaming Lips, It’s Summertime

    6. Saturday Looks Good To Me, Dialtone 

    7. Belle & Sebastian, A Summer Wasting

    8. French Kicks, Piano

    9. Sly & the Family Stone, Hot Fun In The Summertime, 

    10. Jens Lekman, A Sweet Summer’s Night On Hammer Hill

    11. The Zombies, Summertime

    12. Saturday Looks Good To Me, Summer Doesn’t Count 

    13. Guided By Voices, Dayton Ohio 19 Something and Five

    14. Dios, All Said And Done

    15. Beat Happening, Indian Summer

    16. Jonathan Richman, That Summer Feeling

    17. The Beach Boys, Let’s Go Away For Awhile